Thursday, June 25, 2009


today i was busted by the fuzz for not having transit fare.

riding without a ticket is no longer my new thing.

nor is it stuff i am into.

lucky for me i got off with a warning (because i'm so adorable), but if i do it again i will be smacked with a $175 fine.

the whole reason i haven't been paying is to save monies. but even i will take $2.50 over $175 any day. well, $3.75 if i am traversing 3 zones (which i frequently am). but still not worth it.

i am cheap. BUT, only because i am poor. i maintain that if i wasn't poor, i would be droppin coin quicker than my boyfriend drops trow.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i think that groucho's problem was that he always married younger women.
what can a 50 year old guy and a 20 year old girl possibly have in common?

nothing but sex, i suppose. and even that is awkward, i am sure.

chosing between the 3 marx brothers (4 if you count zeppo), i have always stated a preference for groucho. typically, i dig funny/smart guys over merely attractive ones. and not only was he infamously witty and well read, he was also the leader of the pack.

but ultimately, i think you have to give it up to harpo. the guy married ONCE, and stayed 100% committed til death. so there you have it: funny, smart, and, ok, mute 75% of the time (hey, maybe that isn't such a bad thing!) AND faithful.

lately, i am totally into good guys over bad guys.

speaking of good guys... i can't tell you how many self-proclaimed 'good guys' i have known who harp on and on about the following tired old topic: 'girls only like assholes! good guys always finish last [insert tears of frustration here]!'

i think that i have finally come to this conclusion:

contrary to fashionable belief, i don't think that girls long to be treated badly by their men. in these cases i fear that 'good' has come to be synonymous with 'wimpy.' she didn't pick you because, though you may be nice, you lack confidence and you are a big BABY. if you want to nab a lady, grow some grit! and, no, this doesn't mean 'act like a jerk.' it means, instead: TAKE CONTROL.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


stuff i am into:

-degree ultra clear deodorant (this time i mean it)
-dream theater's 'awake'
-flossing every day
-margaret atwood
-working 5 days instead of 6
-dijon mustard
-being nice
-thomy's stirfry
-dashboard hula girl

Saturday, June 20, 2009

new love.

so, NME has released an article confirming the upcoming release of courtney's new album, 'nobody's daughter.' all i can say about that is: finally.

they say it'll be great. obviously, i don't expect another live or even celebrity skin. but please let it be better than 'america's sweetheart.'

instead of a solo album, however, courtney has stated that she is reforming hole. talk of tours makes me salivate, bytheway.

the only original member to return will be melissa auf der maur.

ofcourse everyone in the void is all: 'no eric means NO hole!'

even: 'melissa wasn't even hole! RIP kristen pfaff!'

shadddap. kpfaff is dead. and melissa ended up playing bass for hole longer than she did!

someone in the 90s (i think it was kate hannah) once said: 'hole is a BAND.' and while i do agree with this, i also think that hole is/was mostly courtney. AND eric, yes. but still.

at this point: WHO CARES.

nothing will ever be as it was. i got over that a long time ago and so should you.

for angsty 16year old complaining (not mine for once!), go here:

Friday, June 19, 2009


i so love it when you run into the bitchy/hot girls from highschool or even elementary school only to find that they are now overweight drug addicts.  with blotchy skin, greasy foreheads and missing teeth.  

ok, so they still have all their teeth.

since you saw them last they have had at least 2 kids.  whose names they can't remember because they spend too much time enjoying tequila-induced blackouts.  mixed with nine hits of ecstacy, ofcourse.

i live for that shit.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

corn nuts.

winona has confirmed the dreaded 'heathers' remake. er, 'sequel.'

someone clearly did have a brain tumor for breakfast. am i surprised? hardly.

will i watch it when it comes out? ofcourse. but NOT in theatres. it'll probably go straight to video regardless.

when i was in grade 11 my highschool drama class put on a play version of heathers. i was veronica.

i've never been a heather. i can't accessorize for shit. and i always fall for the bad boy with the cherry slushie. ok, bubblegum slushie.

i think that i will always be a veronica.

still looking for a heather chandler-type vancouver frenemy. PM me for details. it'll be very.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


a 'friend' is someone you genuinely like, you have their phone number, and you hang out at least occasionally. you don't have to like everything about them, and ofcourse they will annoy you from time-to-time, because who doesn't?

an 'acquaintance' is someone you know and if you see them out, you will probably say howdy. or you might pretend you don't see them (like i do) if you don't feel like stopping to chat about nothinginparticular (which is most of the time).

a 'frenemy' is a friend enemy. although i have never really used this term, i think that it is someone you know, and when you see them or hangout with them you will have some laughs, but in reality you can't stand most things about them and talk about them to other people you know. probably, this is someone you love to hate.

most people i know fall into the acquaintance category.

as for friends i probably have between 5 and 10 of them.

have not made any 'friend enemies' in vancouver, as of yet... but i've never really had many of them anyway. at least, i've never kept them around. i think to qualify, they have to still be in your life.

i find it hard to make actual friends because of the 'hanging out' rule. i am such a flake when it comes to this. but i guess if i cared enough to bump you up from 'acquaintance,' it wouldn't be such an effort.

i wouldn't mind a frenemy (or 2), just to keep things catty.

*famous early 90s frenemies: babes in toyland's kat bjelland and courtney lovecobain.  spit venom over kinderwhore origins, kicked one out of the other's band, but then wrote a song together and accompanied one to her husband's funeral.

my secret crush.

so far, i have one follower.

some guy, calls himself 'party face.' what's his problem, i don't know.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

stuff i am into.


-gnarles barkley
-alias grace
-harpo marx
-slips as skirts
-not wearing eye makeup
-the hollies
-paris hilton
-dove deoderant
-wearing shorts
-giving my boyfriend plenty of 'tude'

bogus love.

i've been watching HBO's 'big love.'

mostly because i've been too poor to rent (or buy) real movies, so i have to resort to what is available for free at the library down the street.

they have a decent selection of old VHS tapes.  but no autotracking usually means no dice.

they also have a bunch of TV DVDs for rent.  usually can't go wrong with HBO (hello, six feet under?) so i scooped up big love for a watch.

polygamy just isn't my new thing.

so, the series is entertaining.  and i could easily go on a marathon, and probably will.  good cast of femmes.  i've been a chloe sevigny fan since 'kids.'  she is always a rawk star.

i suppose what they are trying to do with the show is present the lifestyle (albeit a dramatized version) in a way that says, 'here it is, these people aren't monsters, they just live differently.'  i mean, i would assume so anyway.

i usually don't have a hard time accepting and understanding alternate lifestyles.  and really, it's none of my damn business.  people should do what they want (with exceptions).

but polygamy just isn't my cup.  i get that it is for procreation or whatever.  and i guess some people think that procreation is actually a good idea.  but something about a man being able to go around and sleep with multiple women, while they have to wait for their 'night,' just doesn't sit with me.  nevermind the fact that such a lifestyle is needlessly complicated in all possible ways.  and call me crazy but i just don't think it's really BIG love they're sharing.  at least from his end.  more like stretched.  like an elastic: no meat. 

polygamy is misogynist, even if the dude is a 'nice' guy.  and that will always just suck.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

go naked.

today i ran into a naked bike ride on georgia and granville.

i guess it was a parade, because trailing the cycling nudes were the fuzz on motorbikes.

observers around me pretended disgust while snapping pictures with their iphones.
my boyfriend wanted to know if it turned me on.

but i guess i just felt left out.

the nudists looked like they were having such a time, hollering and letting it all hangout.

and there i was, going to work like a chump.

i think i would go naked. there is certainly solidarity in numbers.
getting a sunburn would suck.

there is something to be said for leaving it to the imagination. i have usually been a fan of mystery. but maybe it's all in how you do it.

for example, wet t-shirt contests are cheap and vile.
but riding a bike naked with your pals is funny, and almost

maybe because with the latter, it isn't about getting people to want to have sex with you. it?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

boy movies.

'on the waterfront' was pretty darn good:
1950s bad-boy-meets-good-girl-and-does-the-right-thing mobster flick.
maintained a steady pace, and chalkfull of 'ohgod' moments and brando eyecandy.

a classic is usually classic for a reason.

once i dated this guy who thought movies like gone with the wind were too overrated to bother watching.

i too have been guilty of not believing the hype BUT

i feel there is a major distinction between old and new hollywood.

the only movie i'm not crazy about is citizen kane.
not because it isn't good, but because it is such a boy movie.

(for my mr. wells fix i prefer 'the third man.')

a 'boy movie' is any movie that consists MOSTLY of boys doing what they do with other boys.


seriously though, i mean it.

it's not that i can't relate or don't care about boys. it's just that when it is TOO boy, i start thinking about what to eat for dinner and whether or not my nails are too long yet. you know, the really exciting crap.

the perfect example will always be nancy drew vs. the hardy boys.

of course, when the two got together... then it was spicy.