Saturday, June 20, 2009

new love.

so, NME has released an article confirming the upcoming release of courtney's new album, 'nobody's daughter.' all i can say about that is: finally.

they say it'll be great. obviously, i don't expect another live or even celebrity skin. but please let it be better than 'america's sweetheart.'

instead of a solo album, however, courtney has stated that she is reforming hole. talk of tours makes me salivate, bytheway.

the only original member to return will be melissa auf der maur.

ofcourse everyone in the void is all: 'no eric means NO hole!'

even: 'melissa wasn't even hole! RIP kristen pfaff!'

shadddap. kpfaff is dead. and melissa ended up playing bass for hole longer than she did!

someone in the 90s (i think it was kate hannah) once said: 'hole is a BAND.' and while i do agree with this, i also think that hole is/was mostly courtney. AND eric, yes. but still.

at this point: WHO CARES.

nothing will ever be as it was. i got over that a long time ago and so should you.

for angsty 16year old complaining (not mine for once!), go here:

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