Thursday, August 27, 2009

party time.

horror flicks are a passion of mine.
and because the 21st-century has yet to put out a horror resembling anything even CLOSE to 'decent,'
here is a list of some MUST SEE films

1.  return of the living dead (1985): 'night of the living dead' is obvious.  if you want to see a killer sequel THISSSS is the one.  see nasty, naked 80s punks get theirs in a graveyard.  and the cramps are on the soundtrack.

2.  burnt offerings (1976):  while the plot and resolution contain some holes, this is one of my favourite haunted house horrors.  forget amityville.  the music is creepy as fuck, and the suspense is ACTUALLY suspenseful!  i know, go figure.  highlights include: bette davis, oliver reed, karen black!, limo driver guy and swimming pool scene(s).

3.  john carpenter's the thing (1982):  while the cast is all male, i don't classify this as a 'boy movie' because i like it!  you don't get much better than kurt russel in a snow storm (classic).  and the effects are truly spectacular.  when dealing with horror, i want to be grossed out.  and CG just don't cut it, folks.

4.  the howling (1981):  the mom from E.T. plays a lady anchorwoman who is stalked by a maniac and lures him into a 70s-style porno theatre.  she then retreats to a creepy camp that sorta reminds me of my trailer park for some werewolf-ery.  nudity and kinky werewolf sex abound.

5.  american werewolf in london (1981):  and speaking of werewolfs, this is also just one of my favourite MOVIES of all time!  it is just plain fun and campy and not to be confused with 'american werewolf in paris' (barf).

6.  sleepaway camp (1983):  i have been obsessed with this one since i was, like, 12.  it is just bizarre, chalk-full of strange sexual undertones.  you think it is just another 'friday', but by the end you are dead (haha) wrong.

7.  don't look now (1973):  if you can get your hands on this one... it features donald sutherland running all over venice looking for his dead daughter in her red rain slicker.  perhaps the creepy-est!

8.  carnival of souls (1962):  this one is extremely strange.  features a really weird girl carwreck survivor, a ghoulish carnival and some seriously killer organ music.

9.  black christmas (1974):  this is another creepyasFUCK, and canadian too!  70s sorority girls are terrorized by obscene phonecalls and watched by the eye!

10.  invasion of the body snatchers (1978):  a cast that includes donald sutherland, jeff goldblum AND leonard nimoy.  as well as some seriously sickening podpeople action and a chilling ending.

please watch all of these

or forever suck.

playing horse.

i wanted to be a housewife, but i ended up being a

it is hard to keep a 28 foot trailer looking shipshape.
and while i am good at tidying up, i often neglect other, more arduous tasks.
like cleaning the fridge.

if this were the 50s i'd get the belt.

i also don't do anything like sew or give my boyfriend a haircut.

instead of an apron, i have a bridle.  although i do love a cheap merlot in the afternoons.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

something that is rocket science:

a clear stick female deodorant.

unless i'm retarded but
what the hell!

i used old spice for years because i hate the white stuff.
and the gel stuff.

and by 'clear' no i don't mean white.

both degree and secret provide so-called clear products but guess what
they are STILL WHITE.

i was using degree ultra-clear for a bit, liked it, but found it didn't last as long.

now i have switched to secret.

but still,
do i have to patent this shit because no one else is smart enough to think of it??
that is sad.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

the ballad of jack and rose.

i found this movie at superstore for $4!  i recall watching it a couple years back (before camilla was a jonas lover wtf?!), but i have a terrible memory.  it's bad.  anyway, this indie flick is about a hippy father and daughter who live alone and self-sustained.  daniel day louis is pops, intense as always.  hates progress.  and camilla belle plays the strange, nymph-like daughter.  the two are obviously in love.
katherine keener plays a desperate mother of two boys, and comes to live with jack and rose.  jack is the typical impulsive, careless hippy.  asks her to move in and then promptly asks her to leave when things don't go peachy keen.  this is also a coming-of-age story.

camilla decides to 'lose it' to paul dano's character, in an act of curiosity and defiance (the best way to lose one's virginity).

i enjoyed this flick.  the house and the way they live is amazing and inspirational.  the cast is good.  however, when keener and crew (dano and the other dude) leave, the movie drags a bit.  without them, you lose the sex, drugs and rock n roll.  which left me wanting it to end.

Friday, August 21, 2009


a 'neighhhhhhhhh' is certainly overdue
and goes out to PARTYFACE,
my loyal follower (lone horse).

this is the houligan who's been messin with the fonts and colours and making my horse diary look oh-so-pretty.  but not as pretty as he.

sleeping beauty.

studies are showing (no source btw, google it) that sleeping longer/better is correlated with lower/healthy weight.  no, this doesn't mean that if you spend more time in bed you will be skinny.  which is basically what the dumb website was implying.  as well asssssss the above picture, ahem.

correlation means: A causes B, B causes A, or some other factor causes A and B.  this is one of the only things i remember from research studies when i was a psych major.

so, this means there are 3 possibilities here: sleep causes skinny, skinny causes sleep, OR something like healthy lifestyle (eating better, going jogging) causes one to sleep BETTER and actually get 8 hours as well as maintain a healthy weight.  not exactly rocket science.

i can't tell you how many times i see articles claiming something like: 'studies show that flossing regularly may acutually make you SMARTER!  so, instead of the classroom, why not head to the dentist!'

and despite courtney's underweight-ness (she's getting better!), i adore this picture.  i want to crawl in beside her.  stalker-ish?  well, that is a different study...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

august stuff.

lately, i am into:

-blackberries (the fruit)
-living in a trailer
-the new sonic youth
-courtney's 'tweets'
-NOT wearing makeup (at all!)
-tunic tops
-changing my hair
-LIFE's 'remembering marilyn' edition
-wraps (the food)
-rice beer
-3 zone transit pass
-'the deer hunter'
-kitty piggybanks