Sunday, June 14, 2009

bogus love.

i've been watching HBO's 'big love.'

mostly because i've been too poor to rent (or buy) real movies, so i have to resort to what is available for free at the library down the street.

they have a decent selection of old VHS tapes.  but no autotracking usually means no dice.

they also have a bunch of TV DVDs for rent.  usually can't go wrong with HBO (hello, six feet under?) so i scooped up big love for a watch.

polygamy just isn't my new thing.

so, the series is entertaining.  and i could easily go on a marathon, and probably will.  good cast of femmes.  i've been a chloe sevigny fan since 'kids.'  she is always a rawk star.

i suppose what they are trying to do with the show is present the lifestyle (albeit a dramatized version) in a way that says, 'here it is, these people aren't monsters, they just live differently.'  i mean, i would assume so anyway.

i usually don't have a hard time accepting and understanding alternate lifestyles.  and really, it's none of my damn business.  people should do what they want (with exceptions).

but polygamy just isn't my cup.  i get that it is for procreation or whatever.  and i guess some people think that procreation is actually a good idea.  but something about a man being able to go around and sleep with multiple women, while they have to wait for their 'night,' just doesn't sit with me.  nevermind the fact that such a lifestyle is needlessly complicated in all possible ways.  and call me crazy but i just don't think it's really BIG love they're sharing.  at least from his end.  more like stretched.  like an elastic: no meat. 

polygamy is misogynist, even if the dude is a 'nice' guy.  and that will always just suck.

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