Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i think that groucho's problem was that he always married younger women.
what can a 50 year old guy and a 20 year old girl possibly have in common?

nothing but sex, i suppose. and even that is awkward, i am sure.

chosing between the 3 marx brothers (4 if you count zeppo), i have always stated a preference for groucho. typically, i dig funny/smart guys over merely attractive ones. and not only was he infamously witty and well read, he was also the leader of the pack.

but ultimately, i think you have to give it up to harpo. the guy married ONCE, and stayed 100% committed til death. so there you have it: funny, smart, and, ok, mute 75% of the time (hey, maybe that isn't such a bad thing!) AND faithful.

lately, i am totally into good guys over bad guys.

speaking of good guys... i can't tell you how many self-proclaimed 'good guys' i have known who harp on and on about the following tired old topic: 'girls only like assholes! good guys always finish last [insert tears of frustration here]!'

i think that i have finally come to this conclusion:

contrary to fashionable belief, i don't think that girls long to be treated badly by their men. in these cases i fear that 'good' has come to be synonymous with 'wimpy.' she didn't pick you because, though you may be nice, you lack confidence and you are a big BABY. if you want to nab a lady, grow some grit! and, no, this doesn't mean 'act like a jerk.' it means, instead: TAKE CONTROL.

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