Sunday, December 26, 2010

top videos.

this probably changed my life. 
in the same way "he ain't heavy" by the hollies did.

fuckface book.

you've seen the trailers. the social network is the story of facebook, everybody's favourite time-wasting tool.

did you ever see flash of genius? probably not. because it was about the guy who invented windshield wipers. the social network kind of reminds me of that movie, only with more drugs and skanks.

unlike a flash of genius, the social network, for whatever reason, successfully managed to retain my attention. although i was fading by the end. it felt really long.

so, it's interesting. but why?
probably because of the drugs and skanks. and, unlike a flash of genius, it's current. we all know/love/ hate/use facebook. and the guy who played mark zuckerberg was captivating. he nailed it.

when trent reznor was recruited for the soundtrack to this movie, he responded to the skeptics by stating that the film is actually very dark. the soundtrack is good, and so obviously reznor. the "darkness"? fucking ridiculous. it was so overplayed. i almost think that there were some "funny parts" in this movie. but i never laughed once.

like when eduardo saverin's crazy girlfriend sets his room on fire. i was like, "why the fuck is this relevant?" now that i think about it, i'm betting it was the movie's attempt to have a "ha-ha" moment.

do i regret seeing this movie? no. despite the justin timberlake gross-out factor, it was interesting.

would i own this movie or see it more than once? no. it's only worth seeing because it's about the internet we came of age to: napster/facebook by angry, bitter, nerdy hacker boys with serial killing potential (you know them, you've dated them... at least, i have).

i don't even think facebook is that cool anymore. not now that your grandparents are on there.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

true love.

suck you.

Dear Kid Koala,

I took my boyfriend to see your show last night at the Biltmore Cabaret for his birthday. The two opening acts were so fucking terrible that we had to leave (or kill ourselves). The first "band" wasn't even playing their own songs. I heard vocals, but was anyone singing? No. Upon closer inspection, it didn't even seem like they were playing their own instruments. If I wanted to witness the "art" of lip-synch, I would have stayed home to watch Ashlee Simpson on YouTube.

The second group (I'm assuming they were Run with the Heard) was a knock-off version of LMFAO. Only worse. They were even wearing matching outfits. We left half-way through the first song, pissed off and disappointed.

Needless to say, this was not what I expected from a Kid Koala show. And I think that your credibility as an artist suffers as a result. Maybe next time you should be careful not to affiliate yourself with such an amateur spectacle of suck.


Horse Wife

**more on this later

Saturday, December 18, 2010

nothin doin.

doing nothing is so underrated.

i look forward to my time off so that i can do it. i actually get really pissed off if my time off ends up being spent doing things. one reason it's nice not to go home during the holidays. if i had to spend my vacation traveling around and going to parties every day, i would be really pissed off to finally get back home. only to resume school or work the next day.

psychic death.

the following is a list of how i like to spend my time doing nothing:

taking long walks with my ipod really loud.
morning tea with honey.
lounging around a clean livingroom.
reading short stories.
writing short stories.
watching wholesome family TV (like road to avonlea or the cosby show) or black and white bette davis movies.
wine and beer.
ye olde fireplace in a box.
cookin spaghetti.
long johns and bush socks.

excuse me, kids. i've won a prize.

Friday, December 3, 2010

december stuff.

"queens of noise" by the runaways
lita ford
rum and egg nog
box wine
the big chill
black sabbath
baseball t-shirts
golden girls
skipping gym class
savings account
tylenol cold and flu
round the twist
burt's bees

Thursday, December 2, 2010

queens of noise.

i recently saw a new movies that i would actually consider adding to my personal collection.

it was the runaways.

i know i know. about time, right? but if you've read my blog you know that i don't give a fuck about being current. this is mostly because i don't tend to seek out new music, and i don't go to the movies.
unless it's a midnight movie and they're showing escape from new york again.

the runaways was cool for a couple reasons. 1. you get to watch some badass bitches rock out for over an hour, and 2. kristen stewart as joan jett was totally worth it. what a dike.

of course, there are some problems with the movie, too. the parts with cherie currie's family drama was lame horse. let's face it: it wasn't really the runaways story. it was the cherie currie story. which makes sense, since it was based off of her book.

this is probably why lita ford wasn't on board with the flick. which is too bad because lita is pretty much the coolest. i'm also pretty sure that jerry cantrell stole his hair flip from her.

to be honest, ms. currie has always seemed like kind of a dud (which could explain the lack-luster performance of dakota fanning). she may have had some cool moves back in the day, but the chick has always come across as a kind of talentless media whore.


but whatever. the movie is entertaining, and when it's over you'll want to break out all those old runaways records.