Wednesday, June 17, 2009


a 'friend' is someone you genuinely like, you have their phone number, and you hang out at least occasionally. you don't have to like everything about them, and ofcourse they will annoy you from time-to-time, because who doesn't?

an 'acquaintance' is someone you know and if you see them out, you will probably say howdy. or you might pretend you don't see them (like i do) if you don't feel like stopping to chat about nothinginparticular (which is most of the time).

a 'frenemy' is a friend enemy. although i have never really used this term, i think that it is someone you know, and when you see them or hangout with them you will have some laughs, but in reality you can't stand most things about them and talk about them to other people you know. probably, this is someone you love to hate.

most people i know fall into the acquaintance category.

as for friends i probably have between 5 and 10 of them.

have not made any 'friend enemies' in vancouver, as of yet... but i've never really had many of them anyway. at least, i've never kept them around. i think to qualify, they have to still be in your life.

i find it hard to make actual friends because of the 'hanging out' rule. i am such a flake when it comes to this. but i guess if i cared enough to bump you up from 'acquaintance,' it wouldn't be such an effort.

i wouldn't mind a frenemy (or 2), just to keep things catty.

*famous early 90s frenemies: babes in toyland's kat bjelland and courtney lovecobain.  spit venom over kinderwhore origins, kicked one out of the other's band, but then wrote a song together and accompanied one to her husband's funeral.

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