Thursday, June 11, 2009

boy movies.

'on the waterfront' was pretty darn good:
1950s bad-boy-meets-good-girl-and-does-the-right-thing mobster flick.
maintained a steady pace, and chalkfull of 'ohgod' moments and brando eyecandy.

a classic is usually classic for a reason.

once i dated this guy who thought movies like gone with the wind were too overrated to bother watching.

i too have been guilty of not believing the hype BUT

i feel there is a major distinction between old and new hollywood.

the only movie i'm not crazy about is citizen kane.
not because it isn't good, but because it is such a boy movie.

(for my mr. wells fix i prefer 'the third man.')

a 'boy movie' is any movie that consists MOSTLY of boys doing what they do with other boys.


seriously though, i mean it.

it's not that i can't relate or don't care about boys. it's just that when it is TOO boy, i start thinking about what to eat for dinner and whether or not my nails are too long yet. you know, the really exciting crap.

the perfect example will always be nancy drew vs. the hardy boys.

of course, when the two got together... then it was spicy.


  1. I love that movie! I have even been to the site where it is filmed , Hoboken NJ, across from Manhattan.

    Speaking of eye candy, I love the woman who played with him, Eva Marie Saint. She had on a serious little white nightie, that I find hard to forget.

  2. I may end up putting up my blog here, but don't know if anyone else will read it. Paul

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