Saturday, June 13, 2009

go naked.

today i ran into a naked bike ride on georgia and granville.

i guess it was a parade, because trailing the cycling nudes were the fuzz on motorbikes.

observers around me pretended disgust while snapping pictures with their iphones.
my boyfriend wanted to know if it turned me on.

but i guess i just felt left out.

the nudists looked like they were having such a time, hollering and letting it all hangout.

and there i was, going to work like a chump.

i think i would go naked. there is certainly solidarity in numbers.
getting a sunburn would suck.

there is something to be said for leaving it to the imagination. i have usually been a fan of mystery. but maybe it's all in how you do it.

for example, wet t-shirt contests are cheap and vile.
but riding a bike naked with your pals is funny, and almost

maybe because with the latter, it isn't about getting people to want to have sex with you. it?

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