Thursday, September 2, 2010

then again maybe i won't.

i don't really know what to blog about.

i don't really know what HORSEWIFE's true calling is. so far, i have a blog titled horsewife, a poem titled horsewife, and yesterday i wrote lyrics for a song called horsewife.

i'm too busy to blog. really? actually, it's probably more that i'm too random to keep something consistent. one solid idea.

also: i'm a blogger WITHOUT a camera.

we had one, but PARTYFACE sat on it, which fucked up the screen.
we had another one, but i got sand in it at the beach.
we had my old one. but it sucks and can't keep a charge.

i really want to start a band. and i want it to look like this:

first thing to do: arm my notebook with a crapload of lyrics
second thing: take out an online ad -- "need guitar player to help put music to lyrics, and start a band. influences are the lunachicks, the melvins and hole" (may need to work on that list a tad)
third thing: be confident. nobody who is any good wants to play with some total n00b.

i'm hungry, eff.

see what i mean?