Monday, October 26, 2009

mirror mirror.

i adore norma jean.

but wasn't marilyn just norma jean all growed up?

god, remember that horrific "norma jean and marilyn" movie. they actually had ashley judd play norma and christina fucking applegate (wtf!) play marilyn... if memory serves me correctly.

i know that people talk about some magical transformation that happened. but really. she got an agent and dyed her hair.

she was always norma.

snapshots like this one prove it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

to mother.

now that my mom has facebook, i suddenly feel the urge to post things on her wall
in order to brighten her little day.

today i thought that this would be appropriate mother-posting material:

everything's fine...

after all, here i am, now a horse wife and not a girl.
living in my trailer with dirty dishes and leaky windows.
a victim of the best west.

but knowing my ma, she's probably take it too seriously
and want to send me money.

i could always use money, don't get me wrong.
but i am actually fine. my man is workin on the windows
and the dishes will get done.

when my student loan money runs out half-way through next month, well...

although i suppose sending her sweet tracy
would be better than crawlin now on the floor do you like it:

although i am admittedly probably more of a kat than a tracy,
i love my mum.

Friday, October 23, 2009


despite swine flu, fall is usually my best time of year.

the changing leaves, the start of school and smell of fresh textbooks, the impending doom and thoughts of death, and the RAIN.

i used to hate halloween because my costumes never turned out right.
one time in elementary school, i tried to be morticia adams but ended up looking like a plain old witch. and a lame one at that, for i was minus one pointy hat and boomstick.

actually, i think that was every year in elementary school.

now, in my "adulthood" i have much more creative control.

stuff i'm into this month:
-horror movies
-skinny jeans
-leopard print
-bubble baths with (fake) champagne
-new pals (finally!)
-dario argento, the dude who did susperia (check out tenebre)
-alice munro's too much happiness
-penguin classics

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


honestly, i haven't been posting so much.

i would love to do more writing but the schoolin hammar has come down hard, and
smashed my very soul into smitherines!!

not that you need soul to write.

just buckets o wine and time.

also, i think i've been spending too much time pondering shelley duvall's wendy torrance:

hi, hun...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

just married.

even though i'm a horse wife,
i'm not actually married.

(a horse wife doesn't need to be.)

but i find myself at the age when people my age start getting married.

and whatdoyaknow, it usually looks something like this:

we've all seen the facebook photos.

and what a let down.

despite the fact that most young people do not attend church, it is not uncommon to be married in a church.
and if not a church, out of doors, under a gigantic white tent. white, probably because it matches the bride's dress: which is always WHITE.

and generally strapless.

after the ceremony, the happy couple join their friends at some kind of hall. with many long tables and a floor for dancin. they have their "dance," cut the cake, and get freaky.

we live in an age of CHOICE:
we can get married, or not get married.
we can get pregnant, or have abortions.

and, i suppose, we can have a traditional wedding or, i dunno, do something

indeed: we can choose to be lame and end up like our parents.

Friday, October 2, 2009

love that van houten chick.

manson family murders turned love story?

yes, please.

keep you eyes out for 2009's "leslie, my name is evil."

the director is some dude, calls himself reginald harkema.
apparently, he's been obsessed with the manson murders, and leslie van houten in particular
(whom he dubs: "the hottest manson girl"), since helter skelter came out.
so he made a movie about it (i guess).

please note that he prefers that the mansons be referred to as a "family"
and not a gang.  this is important.


the movie is canadian so,

go team?