Thursday, July 30, 2009


i may have to settle for a:


yes, the kind of bed popular in japan and easy to fold.

many of my childhood memories consist of the futon: hard mattresses on the floor my hippy parents made us sleep on for years.

while thom is probably right that futon's have come a long way, baby

i can't help but be sad about this.

i know that a futon is more practical for airstream living.

but just LOOK at courtney love's bed!

normally i would spend all my time in bed. the only reason i don't now is because our bedroom consists ONLY of bed. everything is in the livingroom.

bed is my absolute favourite place and i can't imagine ever wanting to fold it away.

the horror!

futon is blahhhhhh. but

i do it for love? yes.

and experience.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

horse wifery.

home sweet home.

on august 1st, we will be actually living in this beauty. this isn't a picture of ours, ofcourse, but it is a 1967 airstream. same one we just bought, but cleaner.

everyone knows that cleanliness is next to godliness (they are cousins!) and since we fully intend to convince all our new neighbours that we are jesus FREAKS, we better get crackin.

we have reserved our lot in the trailer park, not far from the park pub. where they serve $1 drinks on saturdays and sundays. what a day of rest it will be!

the good news is, this is a major investment. the plan is to decorate her 1960s style. one will feel as though they have stepped into a time warp, by golly.

Friday, July 10, 2009

baby love.

last night i dreamt i was having a baby.

probably because i'm reading that stupid v.c. andrews book where the girl is sent to give birth at a run-down southern plantation, ruled by a tyrranical biblethumping aunt whose insanity nearly causes many miscarriages.

and a friend of mine is in the family way. so that could also be it.

in the dream, i didn't know i was dreaming and i felt like i was living a nightmare.

i was SO freaked out to give birth.

i think i would be like this in real life too. i can't imagine putting my body through that. one day, you're walking along and HUMAN BEING comes out of you????

once i knew a cat who gave birth at least 3 times in under a year. the vet said that this was causing serious health problems. and a few of the babies were born dead.

Friday, July 3, 2009

stuff i am into.

-living on a boat
-deer meat sammiches
-the dazzling cutler series
-paying for transit... i guess
-peewee's adventure
-homeless cats
-tim horton's coffee (i know!)
-more fish and chicken
-wearing rings
-creepy vintage ads
like this one------->

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

you know you like it.

i am actually re-reading v.c. andrews' 'secrets of the morning.'

i remember a friend's mom gave it to me for xmas when i was, like, twelve.

i am not ashamed of this.

it is summer. and i just finished reading alias-freakin-grace!

we all have guilty pleasures. and if some of us don't, their loss. and we probably wouldn't get along. i enjoy v.c. mostly because it brings me back to my tweenhood. also, it is simplistic fluff. which is just the ticket when you want to kickback and read something purely for pleasure.

i think we should admitt the embarassing stuff.

for instance, i LOVE kate bush. wanna fight about it?

i like what i like. and it isn't always going to be 'smart' or 'cool.' i enjoy many different things for many different reasons. and variety is key:

it keeps things sexy.