Friday, October 23, 2009


despite swine flu, fall is usually my best time of year.

the changing leaves, the start of school and smell of fresh textbooks, the impending doom and thoughts of death, and the RAIN.

i used to hate halloween because my costumes never turned out right.
one time in elementary school, i tried to be morticia adams but ended up looking like a plain old witch. and a lame one at that, for i was minus one pointy hat and boomstick.

actually, i think that was every year in elementary school.

now, in my "adulthood" i have much more creative control.

stuff i'm into this month:
-horror movies
-skinny jeans
-leopard print
-bubble baths with (fake) champagne
-new pals (finally!)
-dario argento, the dude who did susperia (check out tenebre)
-alice munro's too much happiness
-penguin classics


  1. Heyy you used to follow my now-defunct poem blog The Occasional Cheese Dip. And we both follow Cafe Con Lesley. Wanna follow mine? It has pictures, videos, and UNICORNS!!

    <333 Melissa