Monday, October 26, 2009

mirror mirror.

i adore norma jean.

but wasn't marilyn just norma jean all growed up?

god, remember that horrific "norma jean and marilyn" movie. they actually had ashley judd play norma and christina fucking applegate (wtf!) play marilyn... if memory serves me correctly.

i know that people talk about some magical transformation that happened. but really. she got an agent and dyed her hair.

she was always norma.

snapshots like this one prove it.


  1. Did you see that made-for-tv movie "Blonde". Poppy Montgomery was pretty excellent in that.

  2. noooo, but i really wanna.

    marilyn fans automatically hate blonde (book/movie) because they don't *get* that it is a fiction based on marilyns life.

    it is NOT a bio. and oates never claimed it was.

    i adore oates. and i thought the book was delicious.