Saturday, October 24, 2009

to mother.

now that my mom has facebook, i suddenly feel the urge to post things on her wall
in order to brighten her little day.

today i thought that this would be appropriate mother-posting material:

everything's fine...

after all, here i am, now a horse wife and not a girl.
living in my trailer with dirty dishes and leaky windows.
a victim of the best west.

but knowing my ma, she's probably take it too seriously
and want to send me money.

i could always use money, don't get me wrong.
but i am actually fine. my man is workin on the windows
and the dishes will get done.

when my student loan money runs out half-way through next month, well...

although i suppose sending her sweet tracy
would be better than crawlin now on the floor do you like it:

although i am admittedly probably more of a kat than a tracy,
i love my mum.

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