Tuesday, October 13, 2009

just married.

even though i'm a horse wife,
i'm not actually married.

(a horse wife doesn't need to be.)

but i find myself at the age when people my age start getting married.

and whatdoyaknow, it usually looks something like this:

we've all seen the facebook photos.

and what a let down.

despite the fact that most young people do not attend church, it is not uncommon to be married in a church.
and if not a church, out of doors, under a gigantic white tent. white, probably because it matches the bride's dress: which is always WHITE.

and generally strapless.

after the ceremony, the happy couple join their friends at some kind of hall. with many long tables and a floor for dancin. they have their "dance," cut the cake, and get freaky.

we live in an age of CHOICE:
we can get married, or not get married.
we can get pregnant, or have abortions.

and, i suppose, we can have a traditional wedding or, i dunno, do something

indeed: we can choose to be lame and end up like our parents.


  1. glad to know someone else out there has the same opinion as me! screw the typicality of it all. and for goodness sake, there's more dresses than strapless out there...