Saturday, August 22, 2009

the ballad of jack and rose.

i found this movie at superstore for $4!  i recall watching it a couple years back (before camilla was a jonas lover wtf?!), but i have a terrible memory.  it's bad.  anyway, this indie flick is about a hippy father and daughter who live alone and self-sustained.  daniel day louis is pops, intense as always.  hates progress.  and camilla belle plays the strange, nymph-like daughter.  the two are obviously in love.
katherine keener plays a desperate mother of two boys, and comes to live with jack and rose.  jack is the typical impulsive, careless hippy.  asks her to move in and then promptly asks her to leave when things don't go peachy keen.  this is also a coming-of-age story.

camilla decides to 'lose it' to paul dano's character, in an act of curiosity and defiance (the best way to lose one's virginity).

i enjoyed this flick.  the house and the way they live is amazing and inspirational.  the cast is good.  however, when keener and crew (dano and the other dude) leave, the movie drags a bit.  without them, you lose the sex, drugs and rock n roll.  which left me wanting it to end.

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