Sunday, August 23, 2009

something that is rocket science:

a clear stick female deodorant.

unless i'm retarded but
what the hell!

i used old spice for years because i hate the white stuff.
and the gel stuff.

and by 'clear' no i don't mean white.

both degree and secret provide so-called clear products but guess what
they are STILL WHITE.

i was using degree ultra-clear for a bit, liked it, but found it didn't last as long.

now i have switched to secret.

but still,
do i have to patent this shit because no one else is smart enough to think of it??
that is sad.


  1. I hate doing my laundry.
    It is quite common for me to spray deodorant down my pants.
    Hate it or love it.

  2. clean pants are uncool these days anyway.
    dirty undies are probably also cool, who knows.

  3. Hey, I just saw your blog comments. Glad we have so much in common. And I saw somewhere in here you had strange hippie parents, we might have had the same ones, it seems we have that in common too.