Friday, August 21, 2009

sleeping beauty.

studies are showing (no source btw, google it) that sleeping longer/better is correlated with lower/healthy weight.  no, this doesn't mean that if you spend more time in bed you will be skinny.  which is basically what the dumb website was implying.  as well asssssss the above picture, ahem.

correlation means: A causes B, B causes A, or some other factor causes A and B.  this is one of the only things i remember from research studies when i was a psych major.

so, this means there are 3 possibilities here: sleep causes skinny, skinny causes sleep, OR something like healthy lifestyle (eating better, going jogging) causes one to sleep BETTER and actually get 8 hours as well as maintain a healthy weight.  not exactly rocket science.

i can't tell you how many times i see articles claiming something like: 'studies show that flossing regularly may acutually make you SMARTER!  so, instead of the classroom, why not head to the dentist!'

and despite courtney's underweight-ness (she's getting better!), i adore this picture.  i want to crawl in beside her.  stalker-ish?  well, that is a different study...

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