Thursday, December 2, 2010

queens of noise.

i recently saw a new movies that i would actually consider adding to my personal collection.

it was the runaways.

i know i know. about time, right? but if you've read my blog you know that i don't give a fuck about being current. this is mostly because i don't tend to seek out new music, and i don't go to the movies.
unless it's a midnight movie and they're showing escape from new york again.

the runaways was cool for a couple reasons. 1. you get to watch some badass bitches rock out for over an hour, and 2. kristen stewart as joan jett was totally worth it. what a dike.

of course, there are some problems with the movie, too. the parts with cherie currie's family drama was lame horse. let's face it: it wasn't really the runaways story. it was the cherie currie story. which makes sense, since it was based off of her book.

this is probably why lita ford wasn't on board with the flick. which is too bad because lita is pretty much the coolest. i'm also pretty sure that jerry cantrell stole his hair flip from her.

to be honest, ms. currie has always seemed like kind of a dud (which could explain the lack-luster performance of dakota fanning). she may have had some cool moves back in the day, but the chick has always come across as a kind of talentless media whore.


but whatever. the movie is entertaining, and when it's over you'll want to break out all those old runaways records.

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