Saturday, December 18, 2010

nothin doin.

doing nothing is so underrated.

i look forward to my time off so that i can do it. i actually get really pissed off if my time off ends up being spent doing things. one reason it's nice not to go home during the holidays. if i had to spend my vacation traveling around and going to parties every day, i would be really pissed off to finally get back home. only to resume school or work the next day.

psychic death.

the following is a list of how i like to spend my time doing nothing:

taking long walks with my ipod really loud.
morning tea with honey.
lounging around a clean livingroom.
reading short stories.
writing short stories.
watching wholesome family TV (like road to avonlea or the cosby show) or black and white bette davis movies.
wine and beer.
ye olde fireplace in a box.
cookin spaghetti.
long johns and bush socks.

excuse me, kids. i've won a prize.

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