Wednesday, July 1, 2009

you know you like it.

i am actually re-reading v.c. andrews' 'secrets of the morning.'

i remember a friend's mom gave it to me for xmas when i was, like, twelve.

i am not ashamed of this.

it is summer. and i just finished reading alias-freakin-grace!

we all have guilty pleasures. and if some of us don't, their loss. and we probably wouldn't get along. i enjoy v.c. mostly because it brings me back to my tweenhood. also, it is simplistic fluff. which is just the ticket when you want to kickback and read something purely for pleasure.

i think we should admitt the embarassing stuff.

for instance, i LOVE kate bush. wanna fight about it?

i like what i like. and it isn't always going to be 'smart' or 'cool.' i enjoy many different things for many different reasons. and variety is key:

it keeps things sexy.

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