Friday, July 10, 2009

baby love.

last night i dreamt i was having a baby.

probably because i'm reading that stupid v.c. andrews book where the girl is sent to give birth at a run-down southern plantation, ruled by a tyrranical biblethumping aunt whose insanity nearly causes many miscarriages.

and a friend of mine is in the family way. so that could also be it.

in the dream, i didn't know i was dreaming and i felt like i was living a nightmare.

i was SO freaked out to give birth.

i think i would be like this in real life too. i can't imagine putting my body through that. one day, you're walking along and HUMAN BEING comes out of you????

once i knew a cat who gave birth at least 3 times in under a year. the vet said that this was causing serious health problems. and a few of the babies were born dead.

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