Thursday, July 30, 2009


i may have to settle for a:


yes, the kind of bed popular in japan and easy to fold.

many of my childhood memories consist of the futon: hard mattresses on the floor my hippy parents made us sleep on for years.

while thom is probably right that futon's have come a long way, baby

i can't help but be sad about this.

i know that a futon is more practical for airstream living.

but just LOOK at courtney love's bed!

normally i would spend all my time in bed. the only reason i don't now is because our bedroom consists ONLY of bed. everything is in the livingroom.

bed is my absolute favourite place and i can't imagine ever wanting to fold it away.

the horror!

futon is blahhhhhh. but

i do it for love? yes.

and experience.

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