Saturday, April 24, 2010

"the tomato did it."

i saw a gigantic tomato scare the piss out of a little kid today.

was i watching killer tomatoes 2010?

have they even made that movie yet?

i was going to say "they should." but it would probably be in 3D. and suck like only today's horror remakes can.

actually it wasn't a REAL tomato (unlike the movie, right?). it was a guy (or gal?) dressed AS a tomato.
some farmer's market display.

i've always thought that being a mascot would be a fun job. aside from the whole... having to go to sporting events part. i'd be happy as the gigantic pink gorilla who used to show up at my highschool and give kids balloons for their birthdays.

no one ever did this for me, by the way. or to me.

is this really lame of me? yes. i think it is. which is why i've never dared to don the fuzzy animal or thing costume for myself.

but they can get away with anything, can't they? think about it:

no one can see you. but you can see everyone.
who cares if you gave some tike a heart-attack at the mall today because. it wasn't you. it was the tomato!
some guy says: "gee that tomato was really a jerk!" who cares?

the possibilities are endless.

i suppose this is why some genius person invented
furry fandom.

shockingly, it seems that furry-ing is not everyone's bread and butter. remember that CSI episode?

but seriously. this looks fun,

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