Saturday, April 24, 2010

april things that are cool:

the swell season
cowboy boots
t-shirts instead of tank-tops
theodore dreiser
selma blair
eric erlandson
spicy tuna roll
growing your roots out
washing your face with soap and warm water
going home for vacation
no homework for 4 months
black&white princess bride poster
drinking wine in the park
cardio with suicidal tendencies


  1. I thought you disappeared into the abyss of the Internets! Horsewife is bizzack. And I need to do something about my face. I'm breaking out like a prison riot. Then again, I've been neglecting to take my omgega-3s.

  2. me too, man. glad you dig the horse. us pizza faces need to stick togetha.

  3. I miss Horsewife! Both you and Lissy Trullie's Facebook pages disappeared (cuz Facebook is being a little bitch...drinking outta cups).

  4. Blog lovin'! I do love t-shirts but can we talk about pitters for a second? I h8(!) deodorant,and ya I saw the blog-rant, so I'm thinking that anything with sleeves is not for me.