Friday, January 8, 2010

normal is still boring.

i've been sucked into watching mtv's teen mom after stream-marathoning 16 and pregnant
back when it was 'popular'. blame a lack of cable tv, and no money for new DVDs.
not even any money for USED VHS tapes from the sally ann!

such is the fate of the poor.

these series' aren't even that interesting. you'd think there would be more sex and drugs.
but for the most part, these kids are pretty normal.

why do i watch it?
background noise when i'm cooking tofu.

teen mom, tyler, is my fave.
isn't he the cutest??

i went to highschool with many teen moms. i get that they are trying to portray 'normal kids who just made a mistake.' but not only is it boring. it isn't even accurate, from my recollection.

highschool? try elementary school! i remember being in grade 8 and having friends who would routinely boast that they never used condoms because they HATED them. and that they had miscarriages sitting on the toilet.

maybe i got pregnant again to make up for the one i lost...

ok. you're FOURTEEN! do your homework, drink vodka on the weekends, and

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