Saturday, January 2, 2010

bad taste.

kate moss once said: nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

and while that sentiment is puke-worthy, it is probably at least partially

food is marvelous. but taste is fleeting.
and skinny... lasts foreverrrrrrrrrr.

at least until you quit drugs and kick the anorexia.

can i just say that i am completely sicktodeath of skinny bitches. seriously. i'm sick of stick-figure glorifications on TV, in movies, in ads, on the street. in my dreams. on my jeans.

if i were to have one thing for 2010, it would be a fucking revolution.
feminism has not come that far.

skinny is nothing more than fashion: when it's in, it feels so right. but were it to go OUT (ie. like bellbottom jeans), we wouldn't want it anymore. i think that it is that easy.

as always, marilyn is proof:

for the record. she was pregnant at the time of these photos. but she still looks fucking amazing. and everyone at the time thought so too!

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  1. curves are sexy. who enjoys cuddles with piles of sticks? no one.