Tuesday, January 4, 2011

kid koala.

he responded to my angry email and was very polite indeed. he explained that he rarely has control over who he plays with in those situations. this means that it's all up to the promoter to decide the lineup and i guess i did know that. i recall going to see die mannequin accompanied by a "tribute to metal" show. which MEANS.

total boycott the fucking biltmore cabaret.
those hacks.

yeah, i'm all in favour of supporting local vancouver talent. (hello. i'm from a small town in the middle of nowhere. all we did was support local metal and hardcore bands in church basements.) but they have to actually be talented.

yes. i take music seriously.

anyway, you can see the kid's response to my post here.
he has also generously offered us free tickets to his next show in the area.

in the end, he still rocks. and if you don't know that, i suggest you start here.

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