Thursday, September 2, 2010

then again maybe i won't.

i don't really know what to blog about.

i don't really know what HORSEWIFE's true calling is. so far, i have a blog titled horsewife, a poem titled horsewife, and yesterday i wrote lyrics for a song called horsewife.

i'm too busy to blog. really? actually, it's probably more that i'm too random to keep something consistent. one solid idea.

also: i'm a blogger WITHOUT a camera.

we had one, but PARTYFACE sat on it, which fucked up the screen.
we had another one, but i got sand in it at the beach.
we had my old one. but it sucks and can't keep a charge.

i really want to start a band. and i want it to look like this:

first thing to do: arm my notebook with a crapload of lyrics
second thing: take out an online ad -- "need guitar player to help put music to lyrics, and start a band. influences are the lunachicks, the melvins and hole" (may need to work on that list a tad)
third thing: be confident. nobody who is any good wants to play with some total n00b.

i'm hungry, eff.

see what i mean?

1 comment:

  1. If you were willing to board me, I'd gladly make the trip to kick out some jams, motherfuckers. I've been writing lyrics like crazy and waiting for my friend to come back from selling sandwiches in Ecuador to we can start recording our demos/rehearsing/whatnot.

    Or you could come to Allston. It is called "Allston Rock City" afterall.

    'Cept since it's collegebro season, it's "Allston Cock Shitty".

    Hope you're well. I've missed Horsewife.