Tuesday, December 8, 2009

no meat in unicorn steak.

i saw care failure and her band die mannequin perform in my home town a few years back. she rocked the fuckin house. and i finally (as in a few weeks ago) got around the downloading the albums, fully anticipating more of the same rock slaughtering.

i downloaded albums how to kill, slaughter daughter, and unicorn steak. first off: they are all the same fucking album. die mannequin has basically released the same album 3 times over from 2006 to the present. save yourself the space, and go for the steak (which features the same 4 or so songs and then some).

speaking of steak, let's talk music. there is no doubt that care failure puts on a show. but that greatness doesn't really translate to the recording studio. recall my previous rock chick post. i don't retract what i said: she rocks HARD. but songs like 'do it or die' make me want to seriously hang myself. the only interesting tunes are from the how to kill ep. which means that they aren't improving with age.

given mannequin's album covers/album names/song titles/REVIEWS!, you would expect something darker. heavier. maybe something like the distillers, since you can't help comparing care failure to brody dalle when you see her onstage. instead you get whinygirl singing with disappointing pop-punk backup. not to mention slightly lame lyrics?

ok, like i said: some of the tunes are decent. but they mostly leave me thanking god for bands like 7 Year Bitch.


  1. I can't wait until 2012 for your review of Fino+Bleed....ha.

  2. dude, have you read my posts? i never claimed to be current ;p