Thursday, November 26, 2009

women who rock: not an exhaustive list.

1. care failure -- die mannequin
2. brody dalle
3. shirley manson -- remember garbage?
4. courtney love -- love or hate her, the girl can rock harder than any dude.
5. melissa auf der maur -- fully recovered from swine flu, our montreal sweetheart with a sabbath soft spot.
6. peaches
7. karen o -- yeah yeah yeahs
8. kat bjelland -- babes in toyland
9. donita sparks -- L7
10. ani difranco
11. mia zapata -- the late, frontwoman for the gits
12. siouxsie sioux
13. chrissie hynde
14. yoshiko fujiyama -- 5,6,7,8s
15. theo kogan -- lunachick.    16. emily haines -- of metric, and soft skeletons 
17. juliette lewis -- of movies, and the licks!
18. wendy o. williams!
women are the best rock stars because of their periods.

seriously, though. women are the best rock stars because they are women.

even though rock was always a boys club, this list proves that women just do it better. probably because the only reason men ever rocked was because of women. if you look at it that way, rock always belonged to women. take any woman on that list. she will kick any guys ass. often in heels, to boot.

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  1. I like the comfort in knowing that women are the only future in rock 'n' roll.

    - Kurt Cobain

    Also: I got this amazing book by Nylon (for $1.90 at Urban Outfitters) a few years ago. It's all about women rock icons.

    And lest we not forget Patti Smith, who even got kudos from Joe Strummer when he was with the 101'ers for her cover of "Gloria".