Wednesday, January 12, 2011


i'm trying to learn HTML code. in notepad. how oldschool is that?

i remember having hacker boyfriends who did this on a regular basis. in their basements, with multiple monitors. it was like a foreign language to me. one i never imagined i'd learn. this was the 90s. the internet was entertaining, but it wasn't real life.

how far we've come.
now the only way you can have a life is through facebook and blogs.
we don't even have to leave our houses anymore. and phone anxiety is at an all-time high.

remember chatting? our first hoursehold computer was a mac and mom kept it in the kitchen. i stole a few hours on mirc now and then, but mostly it was lame horse. no porn either.

i remember going over to my neighbour's house. we stole her mother's southern comfort and listened to dr. dre (which we'd downloaded from napster). and chatted with guys online.

mirc was unlike other chatrooms, because you could talk to people specifically in your town or city. she met a lot of guys that way. they always asked to see pictures of you. we didn't have a webcam, so we poached pictures off the internet. one time i showed this guy a picture of me and he said, "that's not you! i know that girl."

needless to say, i didn't hook up.

my favourite thing back then was the imusic message boards. these were forums where you could post comments about bands. i made a bunch of posts about courtney love and kurt cobain, and then got flamed for my age. stupid shitty honesty.

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