Tuesday, September 29, 2009


while this 25th anniversary edition makes it look like a yet another retarded disney sequel:

the last unicorn (1982) is actually not really a kid's movie.

i remember watching this as a kid. i loved it like mary poppins, but i always knew it was different.
dark, very dark.
i just re-watched this with my sexy boyfriend. he was skeptical, at best.
but with an all-star cast that includes the voices of rosemary herself (mia farrow) and jeff bridges, and a soundtrack by AMERICA, how can you go wrong?

this movie still kicks ass.  maybe more now because of how unconventional it is.
the prince and "princess" DON'T live happily. at least, not together.
unless that beastiality scene was cut...

no, it isn't a kid's movie. at least, not by today's standards.
i counted 2 full-out tit shots.
then there is the violence. 
this is scary stuff! the constant threat of the bull from hell.
the talking wino skeleton.
and that old hag devoured by the half-naked harpy.

if i had a kid i would totally let her watch it.

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  1. This was absolutely my favorite cartoon movie as a kid. For precisely the same reasons. I identified with (and liked) the "dark" aspect of it. Even as an adult, I can't read the book without crying. LOL

    Great movie. Good taste!