Wednesday, September 9, 2009

they always marry their cousins.

'blue lagoon' (1980) is this movie about a shipwrecked boy and girl who grow up half-naked together on an island and have sex.  oops, i mean 'fall in love.'

i found the VHS tape at a local value village and had to take it home to re-watch.  i remember watching it as a young girl.  it was soooo romantic.  brooke shields is breathtakingly beautiful.  and what could be better than being stranded on an island paradise with a michelangelo's david lookalike?  i was total a shields fan when i was a young lass.  how can you NOT love a girl who is fondly recalled for playing a child prostitute when she was like, 11?

the movie, i am happy to say, is still enjoyable.  lots of nudity and headhunters too!

however, the familial relationship between the young nubile lovers is totally ambiguous.  'uncle arthur' is the boy's father, but also the girl's... uncle?  at least that is what she calls him.  of course he could be merely a 'family friend'  but i prefer to bank on the incestous v.c. andrews-ish plot.


  1. I LOVED this movie as an 11 year old! From memory this one is only a little VC Andrews-ish, but the sequel (creatively, Return to the Blue Lagoon) I think was completely Flower-in-the-Attic-but-on-a-beach. Haven't watched either for 15 years, but I do have vague memories of Return making me feel a bit uncomfortable.

    Then again, maybe I just interpreted the whole thing wrong. At age 11 I also thought the whole 'She's knocked up Baby' conversation in Dirty Dancing was about Penny being bashed up. I was mortified when I realised how wrong I was, and how I had completely not understood that entire sub-plot, when I watched it again at 15.

  2. i have yet to see 'return to blue lagoon'. is it simply another tale of shipwrecked youth OR do they have some ties to the first? ie. maybe paddy the baby from movie 1 is the boy in movie 2?

  3. Hahaha ewww...
    Like flowers in the attic. Which is also great.
    I loveeee blue lagoon though!

  4. I CAN'T REMEMBER!!! Maybe they're the children of the original lagooners? Or maybe just one is? Gah, I'm going to have to have a Blue Lagoon marathon now!

  5. god, i hope they are the children of the originals that would be TOO MUCH!