Wednesday, September 23, 2009

not hot.

"hi, my namz desiree. i am a 20something looking 2 meet someone i can really talk to about stuff. i like big muscles and shooters. msg me if u want 2 hook up!!@"
does everyone remember
well, it still exists.
you can rate people based on their "hotness" and it looks like you can even meet them if you REALLY want to have some fun!

do these people seriously think they are "hot"?
if so, why do they feel compelled to seek validation from anonymous interweb users?
some of these girls are actually pretty (or at least, they have the camera angles right... maybe the photoshop too).  so whats the deal?
and as for the other not-so-photogenic types... are they so masochistic that they actually require those 2.5 ratings in print? for what purpose?

the site boasts 25,987,000 PHOTOS! and over 12 billion people actually vote on this shit.

this means that "desiree" would get more votes than the president.


  1. That site just scares me... full of photoshopped people that get high scores and normal looking people that get torn apart. I can't believe it's still around.

  2. apparently, france is trying to pass this law that requires ALL altered images (this means you anorexic fashion models) to contain a warning/advisory...