Tuesday, September 15, 2009

catholic boy.

today i found out that jim carroll died .  he was a writer and fronted the aptly named 'jim carroll band.'  one time i found his tape in comix plus (local shop back home).
but really... 'basketball diaries' was a key movie of my teenhood.  up there with breakfast club, heathers and mermaids.  it all started in grade 8 when leo sank with the titanic and all the girls loved him.  ok, he was cute.  i dug him, but probably only because all my girlfriends did.  i had maybe 2 or 3 posters on my wall.  regardless, we used to have sleepovers and rent only leo movies.  needless to say, he became more an ACTOR, less a hottie.  basketball diaries is everything a good movie should be: full of drugs and death and sex.
it really glamorizes drugs.  it can't NOT.  when i was 14, i probably wanted to be a junkie.  even worse when i read the actual book.  and fuck is it even better than the flick.  seriously.  read it.  but it really makes you think.  and wonder whether this kind of material is healthy for an impressionable and angsty young lass.
i guess that the only reason i never became a junkie was because i couldn't afford the smack!


  1. I remember being mortified at the fact that the girls that were the Wakefield twins in Sweet Valley High were skanks. The priorities of a 15 year old girl are pretty warped.

  2. yes!! i also remember being shocked. of all twins, WHYYYY? was that before or after SV high though?? hmmmm...

  3. winkie and blinkie came first. from whore to madonna...

  4. That's really surprising - I would have thought the sweet valley makers would have wanted actors that had only done sweet, wholesome stuff in the past. Although I guess Binkie and Winkie are so what Jessica Wakefield probably ended up like :)